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Livegood Review – MLM Style Matrix Affiliate Structure

Join Livegood Membership

Becoming a member of LiveGood allows you to get wholesale Member pricing on all of our LiveGood products!

Membership is simple. We have two options. You can join for $9.95 per month. Or as most people do, you can join for $99.95 for the year and save 20% on your Membership, in addition to all the incredible product savings!

Even purchasing just ONE product per month can pay for your entire monthly membership. There is no limit as to how many products you can buy, or how much you can save…and you can cancel anytime.

Livegood’s fast growth can be attributed to its excellent products and lucrative compensation plan, making them one of the fastest-growing nutritional supplement companies. This Livegood review will explore its MLM style matrix affiliate structure so that you can assess whether this business opportunity would suit you.

Livegood solves this dilemma by charging an affordable monthly membership fee of just $9.95 and offering quality products at below-wholesale prices.

Multiple Income Streams

Livegood members pay just a $9.95 monthly membership fee to gain access to an amazing selection of organic health and wellness products as well as build their business opportunities with an innovative compensation plan that offers six ways of earning.

This innovative company is making waves in the health and nutrition space by forgoing traditional distribution channels to sell directly to consumers, making available top quality products at prices lower than half those charged by competitors.

Affiliates looking to make the most out of this multi-tiered compensation plan can take advantage of retail commissions, matrix commissions and influencer bonuses – these payments are calculated based on the difference between member prices and regular retail prices; influencer bonuses depend upon retail volume personally enrolled; while the Diamond Bonus Pool distributes 2% of company sales between qualified Diamond rank affiliates.

Start your own home-based business today! The sky’s the limit with hard work, smart marketing tactics and support from Job Free Revolution’s team!

One key point to keep in mind when diversifying your income stream is that relying solely on one source of income may leave you vulnerable if that source disappears suddenly – for instance if both of you work at the same company in one industry and that company goes bankrupt, leaving both of you financially unstable. To safeguard against this possibility it’s vital to diversify by placing some income streams in a passive revenue stream.

Real estate rental property investments offer one such passive income source that can produce regular cash flow without much effort on your part, while investments in businesses or online products and services also create passive streams of revenue.

To get started, just click any of the green buttons on this page to secure your spot as an early adopter and become a Livegood affiliate and member. There will be an affiliate signup fee of $40; your membership subscription costs $9.95 monthly.

The Opportunity to Achieve Financial Freedom

Joining Livegood mlm can provide an incredible opportunity to generate substantial income while helping others to achieve their health goals. Joining can help alleviate financial strain, pay off debts and build a better future for you and your family; plus the extra cash earned can allow you to pursue passion projects or experience things once out of reach!

LiveGood stands apart from other network marketing companies by making wellness accessible to all, without monthly autoships or product prices that exceed half those offered by competitors. In addition, it offers a generous compensation plan that rewards members who help expand their teams.

Livegood comp plan offers both retail and residual commissions on memberships and products sold, while their forced matrix system makes scaling your business possible while creating massive income potential.

As soon as you secure your position in the Livegood powerline, you will gain your own business center in our fast-filling 2×15 Matrix. As people join Livegood each week and enrollers place them under everyone who already exists in it; meaning the earlier your lock in is, the higher up you will appear in it.

As well as earning commissions from direct sales and Matrix Bonuses, you will also earn Fast Start Commissions on the first-month Membership fees of new Members you recruit – giving you access to even greater bonuses as your team grows!

The Job Free Revolution Team

As soon as you secure a paid spot with The Get Job Free Revolution Team, you will gain access to their entire member recruitment and cash-flow producing machine – from high converting pages and funnels with INSTANT push button traffic resources, money-making emails and follow up content, to INSTANT push button traffic resources with instant push button traffic resources!

Livegood has successfully abandoned the outdated MLM business model that relies on monthly recruiting quotas that most can’t keep up with and switched to Amazon’s business model instead, charging low membership fees while selling quality products at wholesale prices.

Once you secure a paid spot, you will gain your own business center within the rapidly filling 2×15 matrix. Your position in the matrix depends on when you enroller so the sooner you do so the better it will be for your enroller and yourself.

Expert Strategies

Livegood’s commitment to health and affordability combined with their innovative affiliate pay plan has resulted in unprecedented growth and many success stories for my team members who joined Livegood in 2022, such as one who joined homeless in a hotel while being wheelchair bound, yet advanced from Crown Diamond (over $100,000 per month in commissions) within five months to rank Diamond (over $100,000 monthly commissions). If you want to take your income and lifestyle to new heights, secure your spot on our team today by clicking here and learning more about this incredible opportunity and setting up a free tour!

Here is your chance to make a difference! Don’t waste this opportunity! Now is your time to show yours and join forces to change lives!

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